How do you set up one of these beautiful homes on wheels? Easy! Once you know what you are doing, it can take less than 10 minutes: Check out our video for the details on how to set up a T@B S trailer.

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  1. The How-To video can be helpful to others; however, there are a couple of changes I would like to suggest. (1) You didn’t mention the emergency brake away cable which should be connect to the trailer and then disconnected as part of the setup. (Couldn’t tell where the cable was connected. Looked like it was connected to the chain, but it should be connected directly to the trailer. (2) You should put the chocks (wedges as you call them) in place before unhitching the trailer. Very important! Good luck with your videos.

    • Great feedback- thank you! We are working on changing the video, our internet isn’t the best but hope to have the new one up by morning.

  2. amazing demonstration and explanation. Excellent! Many thanks
    Love your website and your lifestyle!

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