We’d discussed 5 reasons to leave it all behindbut where are we going? We’ve decided to hit the road and live in a camper. So why did we decide to live on the road? Here are 7 reasons to live on the road in a RV:

#1.  Replace the “daily grind” with “what matters”

We used to spend a majority of our time on stuff that really doesn’t matter or align with the people we want to be. Freeing ourselves from the shackles of the “daily grind,” we want to spend more time in our day building a new routine. We’d like to have more time and energy to focus on what we feel matters. Here are a few things on our list:

  1. Reflection
  2. Meditation
  3. Personal growth
  4. Relationship health
  5. Cook at home
    1. Sustainable
    2. Home grown
    3. And freshly caught


#2. Have more fun

In our early twenties we were broke but we were also free. And damn we had a good time. Now that we are a bit more financially savvy, could we rediscover the sense of wonder and playfulness we used to enjoy? Before we left the Bay Area, a big night out included dinner and a movie. Now this is fun, indeed, but there’s so much more to explore and discover in this world!  It was time to have more fun. 


#3. Own less stuff

We’ve now sold our house and given away our furniture. We’ve donated our clothes, and can now live out of two suitcases…the duffle kind, not the huge rolling kind. You know how we feel? Free!!!

At first we were thinking about moving across the country, buying a little house, and living simply in a lower stress area. Even then, we would have had to buy all new furniture and start the process of owning a bunch of stuff all over again. There is something so simple and freeing of owning so little that you can throw it all in the back of a car and drive away.

What if we lived on the road for the year? What if we lived in a little travel camper, and owned only the bare necessities?

There is something about the Tiny House movement that is so attractive. We wondered if we would be able to scale down that much. Surprisingly, you just don’t need that much! And of course, being the over achievers we are we decided to take living tiny to a whole new level-We wanted to live smaller than tiny, we wanted to live mini. 52 cubic feet mini. Mini mini.


#4. Live closer to nature

Nature centers us so why not surround ourselves in this vast beauty everyday. Now don’t get us wrong, life still happens, but things that happen are much better in nature. For example, when Jessi threw up the first night, it was under a BEAUTIFUL redwood- it could have been worse! 

Also, because we are living in a such a small space, it is important to make the outdoors our living room. If we had to choose between vast mountains or rolling hills of cement, we would choose nature, hands down, every time.


#5. you get to Fall in Love with road trips

At first, Valerie loved road trips and Jessi was, well, skeptical to say the least.

Why in the world would we drive somewhere, for 50 hours, when we could fly for only 4?

An adventure, of course!  (Reality is Valerie hates to fly but being the avid traveler she is, only flies when absolutely necessary to get from point A to point B.)

Now, Jessi somehow agreed to a 5,000 mile trip, in the winter, driving through the midwest. This is when we fell in love with road trips. There is a “unscheduled” freedom to road trips. As annoying as this is for our beloved friends, for us, it is freedom.


 #6. Challenge yourself to experience humanity in all forms

Surprise- we’re gay! I know, you’re shocked. Being gay, we’ve strategically placed ourselves in warm, accepting places ever since we were old enough to choose. The Bay Area was about as safe as you can get. Gays galore! But what about all the other gays in small town America?

We wondered what it would be like to travel through Trump country and present our authentic selves. Scary, right? Well, we may not always be “out” because, honestly, it’s not worth risking our lives (yes, it can be that serious). What we can do is take the time to listen to others with a different perspective. Or at least try.

Instead of distancing ourselves from people that think differently, what if we embraced them with the love and acceptance we crave? We will let you know how it goes- this will be a challenge to say the least.


#7. Why the hell not?

Enough said. Just do it!



    • Valerie Reply

      It really is a great way to see the world- we highly reccomend trying it!

    • Marietta Henley Reply

      I love this idea… but how did you afford it? Did you find temporary work along the way?

  1. Definitely would be a big adjustment to living in your RV. We spent 2 months traveling the Baja in our 25ft Class C. Can get close at times but very enjoyable regardless. 🙂

    • Valerie Reply

      Full time or some of the time, seeing the world never gets old!

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