Hi! We are Valerie and Jessi, and we are the Happy Camper Wives! We are lesbian RV travel bloggers and this blog is about our journey as we live in a tiny teardrop camper. We’re currently RV’ing across the USA experiencing the natural wonders of national parks, famous places, learning to cook new food, and encountering interesting people.

We started this journey mostly because we want to live a simpler life. Our busy, consumeristic urban lives forced us into hours of commuting and constant struggle for more which inspired us to wonder…is this all there is? This journey is our own quest to find contentment…we gave away everything we owned and now live in a 15ft camper. Yup…two 5’10” ladies and two dogs in one small teardrop trailer. So far, there have been bumps and bruises, but also a level of happiness that we didn’t find in our hectic lives previously. We are learning and growing, and discovering meaning in the little things.

We also want to help others learn from our experience! Who knew RV hoses can explode without proper connections? We didn’t! That’s why we’re here to make the mistakes so you don’t have to.

Please join us in this journey by reading, sending us a note, commenting, giving suggestions and more!

See you on the open road!

-Valerie + Jessi


  1. Zoey and Mari Reply

    Hey girls, my name is Zoey. My girlfriend Mari and I have a blog called Lez Wander the World which talks about lesbian travel around the world. We have a section of our blog called “Sweet Lady Kisses” which features girls kissing in iconic locations worldwide. We taken a good look through your Instagram and have actually found a few of you both kissing but not any that shows you kissing in a iconic location. We are wondering if you have a picture that you would like to feature on our blog. We will link people back to your blog/website/facebook/youtube/instagram or whatever you’d like so people can find out more about you. Let us know if you are both interested and get back to us on this email Thank you and happy Sunday!
    (I tried to contact you directly but there was an error for some reason, just a heads up.)

  2. Anonyplgrim Reply

    Thank you. I’m really enjoy travel blogs and I’m so happy to see my own people reflected in one.

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