Join us in Spain!

For year’s we’ve talked about road tripping through Europe and today we are so excited to announce it’s happening! After visiting 49 US states (dang it West Virginia!) we feel like we’ve seen so much of the US and we want to take the adventures abroad. What better way than to road trip for three weeks in Spain & Portugal? We are heading off to the Ella Lesbian Festival this summer from Aug 31, 2017 – Sept 08, 2017.  Ella Festival is a chance for queer women from around the world to meet up in Mallorca– an island in the south of Spain– for a week of parties, shows, speakers, island tours, wine tastings, boat rides and so much more.

We want meet up with you in Spain, AND we want to give away freebies!

First, let’s celebrate how awesome you are!

Tears. Actual tears when we write this. Friends! You’ve been awesome. Literally. Your generosity has inspired us and helped us every step of the way. Over the last year since launching HappyCamperWives, you’ve offered us housing, behind the scenes access to Cirque du Soleil, food, tips, tricks, so many great suggestions for places to go and above all else, an amazing amount of positivity from all of you. YOU are all simply amazing, seriously. Thank you.  And we want to start meeting more of you in “real life.” And what better way to do that than be celebrating queer culture then meet up at a lesbian festival in Mallorca, Spain? If we’re going to do it, let’s do it right, shall we?  So onto the giveaway…

We’ve been given the opportunity to partner with Ella International Lesbian Festival for their week long event in Mallorca, Spain. They’ve even offered to give away two party pack tickets to our readers!  We’re talking access to 4 ELLA parties with one drink for each. We’re talking beautiful women, amazing community, and tons of fun. And in the spirit of getting to know our community better, we also want to take you to lunch. Sound good? Keep reading.


  • Ella Party Pack Tickets, these include
    • Passes to 4 exclusive Ella Parties, with a drink included
      • Opening Party in La Dama de Ella – 8/31
      • Garage Party in Tito’s Club- 9/1
      • Circus Party in the Red Club- 9/2
      • Beach Party– 9/3
  • Lunch with us in Mallorca, Spain!
    • As a thanks, we want to take you and a date out to lunch.

Congrats to winners Diana and Sue!

Ella International Festival & Lunch with Us!

For those that apply and don’t win, we still want to meet up! We will be in Mallorca from Aug 30-Sept 8 with plenty of time to see each other at Ella events. From there we will be taking off on a two week road trip through Spain/Portugal so if you have any recommendations, please let us know in the comments below.

Winner will be announced before July 15!

Thank you to Ella International Lesbian Festival for sponsoring this giveaway 🙂



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