When you’re traveling on the road, planning for medical procedures can be a hassle. But with a little bit of planning, you can do everything you’d normally do while living on the road! Getting LASIK eye surgery while traveling was an easy choice because it was time to see the world, literally.

Choosing the right place

Jessi has been considering LASIK surgery for many years and decided that now was the time to see the world, glasses free. When planning the surgery, we needed a company that was national so we could get check ups in many states. LasikPlus was a good option because they have offices throughout the USA and they also offer a lifetime guarantee. Meaning, if your eyes ever revert back, they will redo the surgery, for life. Not a bad investment we think!

So then, with many LasikPlus’s to choose from, we dove into investigating. We decided to go with LasikPlus Austin because they had incredible reviews and were close to our campsite. Win, win! We went nervously into the consultation, hoping for good news that Jessi was a candidate. Surprisingly, we then came out with 4 new best friends! The team was so friendly!

We cannot describe just how nice everyone is in the LasikPlus Austin office. By the end of the day, we not only knew about everything LASIK, we also had lists of places to check out, restaurants to see, good shows to watch on Netflix, and we felt welcomed and cared for. These ladies are amazing! We felt so comfortable with them, in fact, we scheduled the surgery just three days later.

Preparing for Lasik Surgery

When preparing for the procedure, we didn’t have to do much. We just had to show up and be prepared to take a 4-hour nap after the surgery, easy enough! So Jessi worked in the morning, and took the afternoon off. They even said she could go back to work the next day. Although dubious, Jessi didn’t plan for the next day off because they said the recovery truly was just a few hours.

The Surgery

Jessi was not thrilled about someone cutting into her eyes, and being nervous and scared is to be expected. It takes a giant leap of faith to trust someone with your eyes. Doctor Whiteside was a true professional and comforted all the nerves throughout the procedure. Each eye only took about two minutes but Jessi had a minor freak out in between so the whole procedure maybe took 10 minutes. It was a bit uncomfortable, and weird having people operate on your eye, but didn’t really hurt that much. Not a bad use of time to be able to see for the rest of your life!

Recovering from lasik

Vision was blurry and super light sensitive on the ride home, so the sunglasses and a shaded car was necessary. Then they suggest a 4 hour nap, which was easy because they gives you Xanex to help you sleep. After the nap, Jessi woke up to being able to see. Within 5 hours from start to finish, she went from -3 vision to 10/20. The next three weeks were spent putting eye drops in every hour and sleeping a few nights with a mask on. The pain was very minimal and occasionally eyes felt itchy but a rather minor recovery to be honest. We’ve both injured our eyes in the past, and this was easy in comparison to that.

We cannot say nicer things about LasikPlus Austin. They were professional, beyond friendly, helpful and just all around wonderful people! They held Jessi’s hand through the procedure (literally, and figuratively) and made it an easy choice to do the procedure. If you’re traveling through Texas and considering LASIK surgery, go for a free consolation with LasikPlus Austin. And tell them the Happy Camper Wives sent you- you will make new best friends!

Happy Travels Everyone.



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