Living in an RV with your partner can have its challenges on the relationship.  Communication, listening, bathroom etiquette, and teamwork are keys to success in surviving together in such a small space.

Luckily, there can be a lot of time together, both in road tripping and in living so closely.  Road trips have hours together for conversations about feelings, communication, and the meaning of life. Living tiny forces couples to take a good look at their relationship: what’s good and what’s bad…and work together to make it work.

Here are some tips to RV as a couple. Our video takes a playful look at traditional relationship advice.

More about Relationships:

For a more about communication & traveling as a couple, check out our Valentines Day post: Relationship Advice for Traveling with your Partner. 


Want to learn more about RV Life?

What You Need to RV for the First Time



  1. I have just discoved your wonderful website! Many thanks for the excellent advices. At the end of the day any relationship is a complicated issue, even in a big caravan. We need to treat our partner in the same way we would love to be treated. This is my best rule!
    Again, many thanks for the inspiration, the inputs and the thoughts that went into this video.

    • It’s so true! Respect, love, communication and kindness goes a long way in any relationship, living big or small.

  2. Valerie, your definition is to the point – cannot be better. Thanks!

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