Living in a T@B trailer has its perks! You get to enjoy the great outdoors, you’re mobile so you can explore anywhere and everywhere you want, and life just feels more…simple.  This video captures a day in the life: living in a TAB teardrop camper.  Our life is on the move and we’re excited to share it with all of you!

People often ask us where we are from. And when we tell them we live in a teardrop camper their reactions range from “try to smile and not look appalled” to “holy shit, that’s awesome.” The most common question we get asked is, how in the world do you do that? Or just a blank statement of “I could never live that small.” We decided to share with you a day in our life- weekend life that is. If we made a video of a day during the week you would see Jessi sitting at the dining room table working on her computer while Valerie sits in a coffee shop to work on Happy Camper Wives. Not very exciting. So here we have a day in our weekend lives:

We work, sleep and shower in the campground but that’s about it.

Unless we are tired and need a day of Netflix, we tend to live outdoors!  We go hiking, walking, exploring, discovering, and we drink a LOT of coffee. We love coffee.

We are traveling the world to see and explore. So, knowing this, we planned & hoped for good weather, and crossed our fingers it would all work out. If you can believe it, it’s rained maybe 5 days in the last 5 months. Not too shabby we’d say! And only one of those days was on the weekend- we’ve been extremely lucky.

exploring Gruene Texas

Our Life is pretty simple

For the most part, our life is simple. We walk, eat, play, and check out new places. It’s the life of our dreams and it’s one we feel very fortunate to have. We enjoy the trees, birds chirping, dogs playing and each others company. Other than that, we work hard and try to live in the moment. Life is an adventure and we’re excited to see where the open road takes us!

If you too want to live on the road we want to hear from you! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out anytime, we’re here!  Already living on the road? What’s a day in your life look like? Leave comments below.


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      • Exciting! I just bought a little TAB 320 similar to yours, and this gives me a good idea how it will work. I can’t wait to hit the road!

  1. Awesome Blog!

    I like how you include both the practical side of camping ( with your spouse) with some of the areas that you have explored.

    Before heading to other countries do you have plans to head east?

  2. Just saw you on YouTube and loved it. I have travel cross country several times with just my dog. Love your tear drop. I am used to seeing the smaller ones you need to crawl into. Yours is the exact size I could live in. If you come to New England I have wonderful friends throughout. Don’t miss Vermont, the Maine coast as well as Rhode Island or Cape. Northampton MA the list goes on. Feel free to email me for more information depth information.

    • Valerie Reply

      We are heading up that way starting end of April/May. Can’t wait, would love some recommendations 🙂

      • Most campgrounds don’t open up here until Memorial weekend. Being a holiday weekend and what we call “the season camping kick off” the rates will be higher possibly that weekend.
        Feel free to email me for more indepth information.

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