Here are before and after photos of our T@B trailer redecorated!  After tons of research in micro-RV’s, we were anticipating a significant remodel project to get a retro trailer up to our taste. However, when we picked up this used 2015 T@B, we were pleasantly surprised with how well designed it is…light wood floors, wood ceilings and light wood cupboards. Plus the couple we bought it from took exceptional care of it…so all we needed to do was a bit of re-decorating to make the T@B our own little slice of paradise.

Redecorated Before & Afters:


  • The kitchen, is clearly… small. We had to get really creative to not waste any valuable counter space. With the limited wall space offered we installed two spice racks and key hooks to free up some space. We also added a hook to hang our Taos chili’s, because, priorities. Finally, we bought a fruit basket from Pier One because it gave the whole kitchen a rustic feel.
  • Originally we had a Bialetti Italian coffee maker, but it was so strong and bitter we couldn’t hang. We also would boil our water on the stove- rookie mistake! We now use a hot kettle and french press for coffee making wizardry.
  • The Pur water filter we chose because it fit the space and we were tired of drinking hose water. This add on is delicious. 

Living Room

  • The brown cushion’s were driving us crazy. This is a rather tight space and this dark color was a real drag. When visiting Colorado we stopped by our sister’s house and she helped make this place a masterpiece! She created washable slipcovers for every cushion which changes the entire feel of the camper. So bright and airy.
  • The lovely brown was also above the windows so we stapled the remaining fabric because slip covers would look too loose in this section.


  • There is a funky, tilted shelf in the back of the bedroom that looks big, but not much can fit in this awkward spot. We found small fabric boxes from Target that work perfectly for our socks and under garments. The remaining space is used for DVD’s and books. It’s also the perfect width for a laptop.
  • The bed was rather comfortable as is, but we opted to add a pillow top for extra comfort. The pillow top, a king sized comforter , and all of our pillows fit behind the couch when we convert it to a living room.


  • We tried a few plant options in the house to create a more cozy atmosphere. We started with some herbs and succulents- easy right? Dead. So dead. We killed all of them in a matter of minutes…ok, well weeks…but when you’re driving so much these things don’t fare well. For the first time ever we decided to go the fake plant route and we couldn’t be more happy! Dead free!
  • First we started with an open frame, glued some green foam behind it, and stuck the fake succulents in. Wa Lah! A masterpiece. We then added some framing wire to hang it under the only solid wood surface.
  • The other plants had to be either small enough to fit in the very small shelf above the window or we needed a way to hang them. In the big box store’s automotive section, we found these ugly cup holders for $1 and thought, why not! Add a colorful plant to this hideous thing and it makes the room feel more cozy.

Redecorated Tab Bedroom Still on the Wish List

  • We hope one day to either paint the walls white or add a bead board wallpaper. The paisley cream is ok, but we think the white could cheer the place up even more.
  • Warm LED lights are also on the wish list! The current lights are a cold white and a little harsh on the ol’ eyeballs.
  • Shelving is also a possibility. However, these walls are thin, and we’re slightly terrified of punching through to the outside, but a shelf would be so helpful. We’ll keep you posted on how this goes.
  • Photos. We’ve been collecting postcards but, again, haven’t figured out a great way to hang them. We framed three great photos, hung them, then they proceeded to fall off the wall and shatter glass everywhere. Sooo… we’ll see about this. Stay tuned.

If you have any other suggestions of how to make this space our home, please leave a comment below!

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    • Jessi Reply

      Oh super cute idea! Then it won’t be too heavy bc we are running into it pulling the wallpaper off sometimes

  1. Looks amazing! Orange is so happy. K-zer shelf ? and I bet those pretty copper wire warm lights (battery ones help, as I’m sure electrical outlets are sparse) are on sale post-holidays to strong up as substitutes for better lighting until the LEDs are replaced. Happy New Year adventurers!!

    • Jessi Reply

      Wonderful ideas- thanks so much!!! I think we have a few of those lights on our mini christmas tree so we could use those- perfect!

  2. Hi Jessi – love what the two of you have done with your T@B! Could you post a new link for your kettle? The one above appears to be broken. I’m crossing my fingers as in the video walk through of your T@B it very nearly looks like that might be a 12v kettle! Somehow I doubt it as I’ve never found a nice one, but hope springs eternal, I guess! What is it?

    • Jessi Reply

      Also, looked if it was 12v… have no idea what that means… but I tried, couldn’t find it… You’ll have to let us know if it it 🙂

      • anonymouse Reply

        Thanks for the link! I was hoping it would run off the 12v outlets in the T@B (the “cigarette lighter” outlets). This way you could run it directly off the battery when boondocking without needing an inverter to power the 110v (regular) outlets or being plugged in to shore power. I just can’t live without my kettle, and I would love to be able to boil water without using the propane stove (adds a great deal of heat in the summer!). But most 12v kettles usually don’t work very well and take a long time to heat up. I’ll keep the search up! 🙂

        Keep up the adventure ladies! Your site is great and your adventures are a joy to follow.

        • Jessi Reply

          Oh, gotcha! If you find one please please please let us know! We will be most likely boondocking in Canada so need these great tips 🙂

  3. Funny thhat boiling water on the stove is a rookie mistake. Can’t imagine why. i’ve been doing it for 16 years in my small class C with no isues. But I also love my bialetti, so there ya go. great site, fun info. And love to see a sweet couple like you having an adventure!!

    • hi there
      great site – so helpful!!
      i just bought a t@b and have only used electric…
      question: why is it bad to boil water on the cooktop?
      ann in vt

      • Hi Ann, I was the one that posted the original comment a few months back wondering what brand of kettle it was. It’s not bad at all to use the propane stove! For the way I use my T@B (in hot climates without air conditioning) I was hoping to find a 12v electric kettle as any stove adds a bit of heat to the air so I try to keep the stove top use to a minimum for my own comfort, not to mention use free solar energy instead of purchasing propane (although a propane stove is very fuel efficient).

        If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about this at all, my use is very specialised and I didn’t mean any confusion!

      • HI Ann! Oh it’s not “bad” it just takes a long time…the kettle takes maybe 2 min while the boiling water takes at least ten, that’s all

  4. Great tips, thanks! Do you think a litter box could stow inside one of those seats? I saw in your video a side entrance into the seat storage by the front door. Wondering how my cat could travel with me in a t@b?

    • Jessi Reply

      Without a doubt! That cabinet with the door/under seat storage would totally fit a small litter box 🙂

  5. Such an adorable little home-on-the-go! I’m wondering how you handle leaving your pups when you go adventuring for a few hours or for the day? I’d be afraid ours would get too hot/cold if left inside the trailer. Do you leave it hooked up? What if you’re not somewhere with hook ups? Thanks in advance! Love following your blog!

    • Hey Michelle! Thank you! We’ve picked some pretty mild temperatures-so far it’s never been above 70 or below 40. But the T@B does have an air conditioner and a heater. A few times we left them with the air on just in case. We often put the heat on at night, but we’re home so no problems there! We haven’t boondocked yet but we will…when we do we will either be home or take the dogs with us, it’s just not worth risking it. Hope that helps 🙂

  6. littlemountaingirl Reply

    I like postcards as art! You could use those little velcro “dots” to hang them and then you could change them out easily as well!

    • That seems the easiest actually! We should try it 🙂 Still haven’t hung our beautiful post cards

  7. Your little home looks so cute and adorable! We would love to have one in the future, too (although the idea of it is terryfing now becuase it’s so expensive for us). Can’t wait to see how you’re going to improve it in future. But what you did with it make it way better and brighter! White walls would definietely add even more brightness.

    • Thank you! Will keep you posted if we ever paint her white 🙂

  8. Hi ladies I love watching the videos. How long have you been living in the trailer and what do you do for money?

    • Hey Celine- Thanks! We’ve been living in the teardrop for about 8 months now. Jessi works remotely as a web designer which makes it possible for us to travel but there are lots of remote jobs/options out there to travel full time!

  9. Charles Thomas Reply

    How much did you pay initially for the used 2015 T@b teardrop camper?

  10. Susan Radkoski Reply

    Hello! We just joined the team of tab owners. Here’s an idea for the post cards. I went to Kohl’s and bought 2 (maybe 6×8″) very lightweight photo (wooden) display boards, about $12 each, with a little clip up top for a photo. I pried the sawtooth hangers off and replaced them with 2 2″ sections of glue on Velcro and used 3 M Command tape strips to attach to the wall for each. Hung them and traveled with them, so far so good! Now I can put up the latest or favorite postcards or photos in a snap! Also, I plan of using peel and stick wallpaper to recover the inside walls and door. I like the rustic wood grain or ship lap look. Also peel and stick kitchen tile backsplash! Happily camping- love your blog! Susan Rad.

  11. This looks really great! My husband and I are making moves to begin our own full time RV journey at the end of the summer. Sadly, neither of us are clever enough to be a web designer so we’re still working out how to support ourselves while roaming about Jack Kerouac style.

  12. Laminating them will help protect from damage and the sticky dots are awesome…makes for easy removal and quick changes. The bathroom/shower door would make a great surface for a collage of memories. This would work great for your photo”s too! A small Laminating machine will do the trick and is space friendly or you could always stop at a local shipping store (FedEx or UPS) on your journeys…they are a great resource for this kind of thing.
    Thanks for the inspiration….happy and safe travels to you both.

  13. Amy L Turnbull Reply

    Great job! I’ve been fixing up my t@b for a while now. I did the LEDs and took out the “rug” on the ceiling. I want to finish the mods once and for all but, wait, are we ever really finished?

  14. Hello. Just wondering where did you purchased you kitchenette (flipping) table leg??

  15. I’m loving your blog! My husband and I just discovered the T@b trailer and are getting itchy to make a purchase and start camping for fun! Your blog is so helpful and the before and after not only gives great tips but some future projects if we need slip covers, storage, or adjustments! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Louise C. Wolfgramm Reply

    Jessi, thanks for blogging about your adventures in your T@b! We purchased one and will be picking it up in a week or two. Your blog is so inspiring and informative for novices like my husband and myself. We know nothing! About 34 years ago we saw several T@bs parked in front of an implement dealer just outside of Decorah, IA and stopped to take a look. We were hooked. We wanted to buy one then, but with 3 kids and busy careers we put it off thinking we couldn’t afford it. I wish we had. But we said someday we will be T@b campers. Now that we are retired, the time has finally come. We realize that we have lots to learn but we can’t wait to get started. Louise

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