Tour the T@B S Teardrop Trailer

Join us for a tour the T@B S Teardrop Trailer. We’ve been living full time in this micro-RV. It may be tiny, but it has all the amenities! You can see the floor plan layout, including kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom…plus lots of space for storage.

You can watch more videos on our Youtube channel here!




  1. I officially have a couple crush!! Well done ladies! #protip Marry someone of the same gender and size! 😉

    • Jessi Reply

      🙂 hehe I’m glad we’re not the only one to think we’re funny!

  2. Michele Graves Reply

    I LOVE your videos (very informative and mostly super fun and enthusiastic) — I’ve been full time (9 months now) in my T@B – would love to meet you two – will you happen to be at the Lake Pleasant “T@Bazona” event next week?

    • Hi Michele! Oh you live in a t@b too?!!! Would love to meet. We won’t be at t@bazona (we found out about it too late!) but will you be in the Texas/ New Mexico area anytime soon? Let’s connect via email if that’s ok?

    • It’s a tab S model… we made custom slip covers so they are washable.

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