Manitou Springs has a lot of hiking options in town and is located just outside the city limits. Wandering Garden of the Gods is a quick drive from downtown and the hiking trails are mostly paved, relatively flat, and have stunning views. The magnificent views around every turn make the want-to-be-photographer gasp at every turn. The bright blue backgrounds with the vibrant oranges really make this place special.

We came here not really knowing what to expect. We thought it would be an easy hike but this park is at high altitude so bring water and don’t underestimate it’s flat terrain- we were out of breath the whole time! And we do consider ourselves to be in relatively good shape. We think…

The only downside was the crowds. Definitely a touristy spot so if you’re looking for a quiet afternoon to connect with nature, we recommend going during the week. Also, you won’t have to elbow your neighbor in order to get a photo like we did- kidding.

If you’re in the area, Garden of the Gods is absolutely beautiful and a must see. This is on our “go back to” list and as explorers that’s a small list. We typically like to check out new spots but we loved  Manitou Springs so much we could even see ourselves living there one day.

Check out more great hikes in the area here!

Views, Views, and More Views of Garden of the Gods

Wandering Garden of the Gods

Wandering Garden of the Gods

Wandering Garden of the Gods

Wandering Garden of the Gods

Wandering Garden of the Gods

Wandering Garden of the Gods

Wandering Garden of the Gods




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