Why the T@B trailer to begin our adventures living on the road you ask? There are a variety of reasons that we discuss below!

1. Originally we needed a trailer that could be pulled by a mini cooper (more details on that here) and also included a bathroom, kitchen, bed, and work space

Growing up camping, we know what it’s like walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night with a headlamp. It would be cute for a week or so, but for the next 8 months we thought we needed a bathroom. There is also a kitchen that has a two burner stove, a mini fridge that fits a lot of food, a sink, a KING size bed (true story) and a full wrap around desk space. This tiny camper really has all that we needed.


2. Scamps were not available until January

We came up with this genius idea in August with plans to hit the road mid September. We needed a camper within our budget, fast.  Scamps were unavailable both used and new until January and this made our decision for the t@b a lot easier.

3.  Although a bit more pricey than Scamps, it seemed to have high quality craftsmanship

Did you know a new mini camper fridge costs an average of $800?! That’s big bucks so if we were going to invest in something we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a money pit along the way. Also, what do you do if your home breaks down? We didn’t want to find out.

4. It was tall enough for two 5’10 ladies to stand up in (sometimes)

When we bought our t@b we had never actually been in one. We watched videos, guessed heights of individuals in said videos, looked at building specks, and crossed our fingers it would be tall enough to stand in. Turns out our guesstimations were correct!

5.  It offered a “ton” of storage (really!)img_4458

When we moved to Alaska we downsized all of our worldly possessions into one 5×5 storage unit and what we could fit in the back of our Prius. Downsizing was the perfect recipe for fitting into a 60 cubic foot space. We fit a king size pillow top, comforter,  pillows, books, all of our clothes, cosmetics, medicines, food, hiking gear, dog supplies and more into our t@b.

6. It is by far the cutest thing we’ve ever seen

What’s not to love about this thing! People come up to us everyday telling us it is the cutest camper they have ever seen, and we agree. Adorable.



  1. Jessica Meinhofer Reply

    We saw one at a RV show last week. Now we know how you could live in it. If we didn’t have 2 kids, we would totally get one of these!!

    • Valerie Reply

      It’s the best! Great for weekend getaways for sure 🙂

  2. My partner and I have a 24′ travel trailer and we’ve talked about doing what the two of you have done for years. I’m all about a more minimalistic lifestyle. Too often people work to pay for all their stuff their whole lives, and then don’t get a chance to enjoy their retirement, or when they retire, get rid of it all. It’s serious self deprification! I wish you two the best on your explorations. Who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths sometime.

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