There are so many easy hikes and open spaces in Colorado Springs, all of your hiking dreams can come true.

We were pleasantly surprised by the ABUNDANCE of amazing trails, open spaces, dog parks and hiking trails. No matter how much time you have, from 15 minutes to 15 hours, there is a trail in or around Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs that fits your appetite. There is also great cycling lanes and trails.

 Here are a few that have been awesome surprises and must-sees:

Bear Creek Dog Park

An easy hike and Best. dog. park. ever! Bear Creek is a dog-lovers dream. This 25-acre off leash dog park is fully fenced in, offers an abundance of trails through the woods, a running trails, and more. There’s a creek for the dogs to cool off in and stunning views everywhere you look. Hands down the best dog park we’ve ever been to and would be a contender for best dog park in the United States. Know of other great dog parks? Let us know in the comments below!

Easy Hikes and Open Spaces - Colorado Springs

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

This too, is a wonderful open space and a dog-owner and runner’s dream. Miles of trails extend from an easily accessible main road up into the wilderness. There are huge rock formations that give shade and variation. There are wide trails, thin trails, up-hills and down-hills. There is even a no-leash section for dogs to run free across a hill top. Some of the trails are marked for horses and mountain bikes as well. As we are still acclimating to high-altitude (and starting to get into shape), this was a great trail system because it can be as easy or hard as one likes.

Easy Hikes and Open Spaces - Colorado Springs

Easy Hikes and Open Spaces - Colorado Springs

Easy Hikes and Open Spaces - Colorado Springs

Easy Hikes and Open Spaces - Colorado Springs


These two  beautiful open spaces are but a sneak peek of the many easily accessible trails around Colorado Springs. Here are some other popular open spaces and parks:

Do you know of others? Leave your beautiful open spaces in the comments down below!



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