The Albuquerque KOA was the second stay on our road trip around the USA. Neither of us had ever stayed at a KOA or RV park before so this was an unexpected surprise. The location was definetely not the best, and it felt more like a parking lot than the state parks we had grown up with. But with everything there were some pro’s and cons. Below is our Albuquerque KOA Review.



This was an easy campground to start our adventures. They offered a great camp store, the amenities were AWESOME (see below) and the staff were very nice and accommodating. The location was a bit off the beaten path but other than that it was a great experience.




They offered a pool, hot tub, multiple dog runs, family games such as horseshoes and putt-putt golf, and pull through campsites (which believe us, are amazing).





WIFI is an important one for us. We work, communicate, blog, and watch movies with WIFI. The WIFI in this campground was spotty, at best. Occasionally email and loading websites would work, but forget about streaming or conducting video meetings.




They offered a “family restroom” which offered your own private shower, sink, and toilet- luxurious as far as camping goes.





The campground is next to a highway which is great for getting from one place to another but not the best for noise. Also, it was a bit far from all the attractions such as the balloon festival.




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