We’ve decided to go on this adventure for a variety of reasons (see “5 Reasons to Leave It All Behind“)  but one of the primary reasons is to find meaning and happiness.  Here’s The Road to Happiness: First Few Weeks on the Move.


Before we always talked about our personal pie charts. Here’s what it used to look like: 15% commuting, 45% working, 15% doing chores (shopping, laundry, cooking etc) , 20% of our time was fixing up a 1970’s house, and the 5% remaining was for friends, couple time, and relaxing. Needless to say, this wasn’t enough.

Today our chart looks something closer to this: 40% working and 60% enjoying life. But how can this be? Well, commuting obviously was removed. We no longer own a house we live in, so no time is spent fixing it up. Because we live on the road, Jessi works full-time in a traditional 9-5 while Valerie takes care of all the other household details. This has freed up our time significantly and we couldn’t feel more fortunate that we’ve been given this opportunity. We feel so unbelievably lucky.


While living in a small space, you have no choice but to keep it clean and have a limited amount of things. Picking an outfit means choosing from your three pairs of pants and four shirts. We didn’t realize how many choices we had to make on a daily basis and how free we would feel by owning less stuff. Life is… simple. And we like it.


What does one do with 60% free-time? We play and explore of course! We go on a lot of walks, drink tons of coffee, listen to live music, and whatever we’re in the mood for! We try to do things that are free or relatively cost effective and then splurge on one or two things in each town.


For years we’ve been trying to get into a meditation practice. Mornings always felt too rushed and evenings we would fall asleep if we tried. For the first time, we have a morning meditation practice that sets up our day up for success. We’ve been feeling less stressed and more rejuvenated. This could be from meditating or a variety of other things but we like how we feel so we will continue doing it.

Exercising & Eating Healthy

Sure, we know this is good for you, but who has time? We were eating out a lot when we both worked full time which equaled a lot of added calories. And working out? Please. Neither of us had energy for that.

Today, on the other hand, we tend to get outdoors to sneak in exercise almost everyday. Sometimes it’ll be a yoga class, a walk around a park, hiking, or whatever we’re in the mood for. The other day we went caving to get our fix in.

Since Valerie’s job is “household logistics manager” (yeah, that’s right, sounds fancy huh?) she has time to plan and cook our meals. Our skin has cleared up, our energy is high, and we’ve already lost ten pounds each!  Whoop!

Now we know there are a lot of you out there that work full-time, commute, exercise, eat right, and find balance all while raising four kids. One day, we want to take what we learned on the road and apply it to wherever life takes us. We’d love to know how you do it because we clearly haven’t figured it all out. Please let us know in the comments down below!



  1. I hope its OK to say this, but I’m madly in love with both you in a similar souls pov.

    Kudos to you both, and I wish you many happy miles.

    I’m living the life of 40% work, 5% commute, 50% family and 5% me. Four kids and trying to find balance isnt easy, but I love how your living your lives.

    I followed your post from the tnttt.com page, where I built a little benroy (smiles to go) with my daughters.

    Hope you find all the horizons your looking for!

    • Valerie Reply

      Awww! Thank for such a sweet and thoughtful comment. Couldn’t even imagine finding balance with four kids…We couldn’t do it with just two of us! Happy 2017 to you and your family 🙂

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