We only stayed one night in the Flagstaff KOA but it was a night to remember. To read about our first night on the road (trust us, not what we were expecting) click here. We will try to review this campground unbiased, regardless of our terrible first night. Here is our Flagstaff KOA Review.


4-5This campground has beautiful trees that tower over all the campsites. The spaces are relatively spacious and the grounds are kept clean and well maintained.




Surprisingly excellent! Streamed Netflix great! Granted, we only used it in the evening so the daytime may be worse but we had no problems.




Small, basic commune bathrooms. Clean, worked well, close to the campsites.




For us, the goal was to pass through to get to Albuquerque which the location was great for. We hopped right on the highway and were on the road again. In terms of location to town or to the Grand Canyon, we have no idea- sorry!!



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