We didn’t know what to expect from Tucson, Arizona. We had heard great things but had no clue where to camp so we turned to the internet for reviews. We were shocked by the massive park and awesome gem that was Lazydays KOA. Here is our KOA Lazydays Tucson campground review.


Cute cute and more cute. This was like a resort located in the middle of nowhere. Probably the largest RV park we’ve ever seen. They offer three pools, multiple bathrooms, and a great shop and restaurant/poolside bar: this places has it all.


As we said before, c’mon! This place has it all. Oh and did we mention every site has citrus trees? Lemons, grapefruit, oranges, limes, and we think we even saw an olive tree! It was amazing. Fresh fish and lemon everyday. Yum.


Best. WIFI. ever. High speed internet included with the campsite fees and we never once had a problem. They never told is not to stream video and the internet stopped once the entire two weeks. This place was fabulous!


No single stall showers, which we prefer, but hey, we’re not complaining. The bathrooms were clean and functional.


So, this was the KOA’s one downfall. We drove in at night and it is not located in the best neighborhood. We had the fleeting thought of “did we make a huge mistake?” but then were pleasantly surprised once we arrived inside the park. There is security and a gate after a dark. The campground was also fenced in which made us feel more secure.


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